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Life Coaching Services

Are you ready to take that first step toward finally realizing your dreams and desires? Check out my service options below, packaged based upon your needs. I offer one, two or three month plans to assist you in reaching your goals.

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    The Basics - 1 Month Package

    For less intensive client needs. I will teach you the tools for raising your vibration in order to manifest your dreams and desires. I assist you in identifying your strengths and support you through releasing old thought patterns blocking your path to success.

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    The Extra Mile - 2 Month Package

    For situations that call for more than just the basics. We work together to create tailor-made solutions for your personal needs. Heal old traumas and dismantle the mind's negative programming to shift the energy in your life.

  • The Total Transformation - 3 Month Package
    The Total Transformation - 3 Month Package

    For more intensive support and healing work. We go in-depth to heal belief systems holding you back, stemming from the current or past lifetimes. Clear out lower vibrational energies to transform your circumstances from "stuck" to living your dreams.

Become a Life Coach

Do you feel that helping others is your calling? Do you enjoy watching others succeed and thrive? Are you the "good listener" among your peers and find it easy to communicate with others? Life coaching may be for you! Register for my four month course to become a certified life coach and start your own business to assist others.

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Reiki—touch and distance healing

Reiki is the ancient eastern practice of touch healing that, when applied, can restore the body, mind and emotions to a state of harmony and balance. Our bodies are comprised of seven energy vortexes, called chakras. When the speed and/or direction of these energy centers become disrupted by our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and perceptions of reality, it creates dis-ease and dis-harmony in our beings. Life force energy flows through the hands of the Reiki practitioner to bring balance to the affected areas and assist the client in healing themselves.

Reiki can be performed in person or over distance, through touch or with no touch at all. With regular treatments, it can assist people with relaxation, energetic realignment, processing and healing of emotional traumas, chronic pain management, anxiety and depression, migraines, digestive issues, fertility struggles and so much more. When the client is open to healing and willing to release energies that no longer serve them, Reiki can be a very effective tool for restoring one's health and well-being.


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